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In the field of research Dr. Eijsermans has managed data for the Erasmus Medical Center & University – Generation R Study in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She worked as a Research Assistant for Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital and in Clinical Research for  Pediatric Neuropsychology at  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Research appointments and collaborations include Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Department, Neurodevelopment Assessment Clinic at Alliant International University Los Angeles and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Cultural Neuropsychological Initiative at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior in culturally sensitive psychometric measures.


Dr. Eijsermans is a leading researcher in the field of cultural identity development for people living abroad, outside their culture/country of origin. She completed her dissertation on this topic: International Identity Development and Mental Health in the International Identified Community. In 2012, she presented this research at the annual conference of the International Congress of Psychology, Cape Town, South Africa. Her global research has taken place in the U.S., Hong Kong, UAE, UK, South Africa, France, Germany, Philippines, the Netherlands, and Russia. She has developed from this research the Transnational Cultural Identity Theory (TCIT).


She will be presenting TCIT - Impact of Living Abroad on Cultural Identity Development at the annual conference of the International Congress of Psychology, in Yokohama, Japan July 2016. As a collaborative researcher she is seeking to further the development of TCIT and research within a culturally informed and diverse team. Interested researchers, please contact her for further opportunities for research collaboration.


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