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Sometimes issues impact the entire family system as opposed to just one individual. This is particularly true after a divorce, family loss, or other major adjustment (ex. blended families). The symptoms of these changes may include behavioral problems, sibling or parent-child conflict, withdrawal and disconnection from the family, depression, anxiety and more. As a result family therapy looks different with each and every family and services are provided to the family as a whole in addition to pull-out sessions for individual family members.

Commonly Addressed Struggles:


  • Post- Separation & Divorce

  • Caregiving Challenges

  • Blended Families

  • Family Losses

  • Sibling Conflict

  • Parent-Child Communication Problems

  • Attachment

  • Sleep

  • Behavior Management/Change

  • Parenting in the Digital Age, Healthy Technology 

Family Therapy

In-Home Family Therapy: Some families and struggles are better suited for in-home services where problems are addressed in the environment where they occur. Appropriateness of in home sessions will be discussed after meeting you and learning more about the unique needs of your family.


Gottman Method Couples Counseling is also available

Family Caregivers

Caregiver Family Therapy is available to support for stage of life transitions and to ease relational changes and challenges to achieve optimal health and wellbeing for caregivers and their families. Whether caring for children, loved ones with disability, or aging partner or parents the role of caregiving can have significant impact on the health and wellbeing of the caregiver and those receiving care. Support is available to provide psychoeducation, safety and resource planning and emotional support to improve the lives of caregivers and their family.

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