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Psychological Support for Employee and their Families


Companies strive to provide the support needed for employees to reach their career potential professionally and interpersonally. However, many organizations recognize that dissatisfaction voiced by the employee working in a new country falls beyond the scope of their human resources.


Optimal Wellness aims to fill this gap in support by providing comprehensive psychological support to the individuals, their partners and families as they adjust and seek balance in their global lifestyle. Companies that support the adjustment and acculturation of their employees benefit from higher satisfaction of their employees, more efficient productivity resulting from stress reduction and increased mindfulness, increased contract durations and retention of skilled employees, and improved company morale.

Full-Service Therapeutic Support


Optimal Wellness is committed to providing services to cover the spectrum of needs for companies supporting people living outside their home country. 


Services offered include:

  • Mobile and on-site therapeutic resources for employees and their families

  • Online and phone sessions to fit employee needs and lifestyle

  • Ecotherapy available to promote health and work-life balance

  • Relocation, Adjustment and Acculturation Trainings

  • Workshops to foster wellness and work/life balance for employees

  • Lifestyle inteventions to support optimal wellness, mind and body

  • Evidence-based therapy to promote a thriving workforce by supporting their personal and professional growth

  • Assessments for children, adults and older adults for diagnostic clarity and refined intervention planning

  • Communication  and interpersonal skill building to foster productivity, collaboration, conflict resolution

  • Consultation on intergroup dynamics to promote team group-think for optimal creativity

  • Special projects consulting, examples include recruiting profiles and screening to applicant assessments and beyond.

Consultation and Special Projects


Optimal Wellness can provide consultation on various aspects of wellness and promotion of mental health in the workplace. Consultation can include observational assessment for areas to develop environmental, personal and interpersonal opportunities for optimal wellness. Dr. Eijsermans also can help with already identified challanges within the workplace. Can a trained clinical practitioner help your company solve a challenge you are facing? Contact Dr. Eijsermans to discuss the possibilities.

Organizations & Corporations

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