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Optimal Wellness offers psychological therapy to individuals, age 5 and up. Dr. Eijsermans is experienced in identifying the unique struggles and appropriately intervening with individuals at various ages and stages of life.


Children & Teens


Dr. Eijsermans highly values parent/guardian involvement when working with children and teens. The reason for this is a simple one: your child is only with in therapy for 1 hour a week, but progress is more likely to be made if you can assist your child in using the skills and strategies they are learning in therapy the remainder of the week.


The Optimal Wellness approach to working with children is that Dr. Eijsermans and parents/guardians are the child’s “team.” Work is collaborative and fosters growing together to support the child. Of course, the degree of parent/guardian involvement is different for each child and will be determined after the first session and adjusted as needed.



Although in-person sessions are preferable, teletherapy may be available for those who are unable to make regular appointments due to work schedules, travel or other circumstances. 

Individual Therapy

Older Adults & Caregivers

Caregiver Therapy and support for stage of life transitions available to ease relational changes and challenges to achieve optimal health and wellbeing for older adults and their families.


Cognitive screening, neuropsychological evaluation, and competency assessments are are utilized, as needed, to provide the highest quality care to aid independence and resources for older adults and their families. 

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